HappyMakersBlog (3/5)

Previously, I wrote about myself and my work as an art director. In part three of this guest blog, I want to tell you more about blogging.

At my desk at the “101-Woonbeurs house” during the Woonbeurs fair

For the past 4 1/2 years, as well as working as an art director, I was also the engine behind 101Woonideeën’s blog and social media. And before that, I had also been writing my own personal blog, vlinspiratie.blogspot.com for some time, where I mostly shared illustrations that I wanted to keep hold of myself.

An overdose of offline bloggers fun

As I was busy with my work as an art director during the day, I blogged for 101 in my spare time. It was a completely conscious choice to do so, and I’m really glad I took that step at that time. It has brought me a great deal of positive experience for which I am, especially now, very grateful.

The 101 blog and my own blog about illustrations formed the basis for my new Happymakersblog.com, in which creativity, illustrations and handmade products and designs play the lead role.

Whoever says that being online is impersonal is seriously wrong!

My absolute favorite event is an Etsy event, Hello Etsy, which took place in 2012, with the theme “Small business in a big world.” I won’t dwell on it too much, but it was a great day and featured guest speaker Satish Kumar, who had some very impressive things to say. I really advise taking a moment of time to yourself and listening to him via this livestream.

I posted my very first blog in 2008. The sheer fun I have had over the past few years whilst blogging, not to mention the new contacts I have made, are the main reason why I have given myself a “creative sabbatical” gift. This year, I am focusing on my new HappyMakersBlog and using this as a starting point from which to begin my journey of creative discovery. Next week, I’ll be taking you with me on my discovery tour and I’ll tell you more about my working days. A sabbatical may sound like a peaceful year, but it’s far from it…


Here’s a tip: If you’re in or near Haarlem, the Netherlands, on Sunday, April 19, you can find me at the small food and lifestyle festival Seinfestijn, with PapierAtelier. You can follow various workshops there: cut Silhouette Portraits with papercut specialist Geertje Aalders; make spring garlands with illustrator Karen Weening; and enjoy an introduction to hand-lettering from PoppyRed design studio.

As well as being this month’s guest blogger, I’m also this month’s guest pinner for Flow’s Pinterest page. On the Friends of Flow board, you’ll find pins linked to what I’ve blogged about here, as well as other HappyMakers.