Lieke van der Vorst (2/4)

From her home in Helmond, which she shares with Dave and Lino the cat, Lieke van der Vorst makes the prettiest illustrations for the Liekeland label. On this spot she’ll let us have a peek at how she works and lives.

In this second blog post I’d like to show you where I find my inspiration. Unfortunately this hardly ever happens when I’m sat behind a desk or when I need it, but when I’m in the garden, or sometimes in the kitchen or at the market, or when I see a beautiful documentary. This is a list of documentaries that have inspired me a lot:

– The documentary ‘California dreaming’.
– A bit of a downer at first but superb towards the end. The documentary ‘taste the waste’.
– The audio-documentary ‘gifketen’ (‘chain of poison’).

I’m sorry there are so many, I found it hard to choose, because all these videos are really beautiful.

I also get great inspiration for new images in my kitchen and from cookbooks. My absolute favorite cookbooks are: ‘The Green Kitchen’, ‘Veg met groente in de hoofdrol’ (‘Vegetarian with vegetables in the lead’) and a little book on how to make muesli, sourdough and almond milk called: ‘Muesli’.  ‘The Vegetable Garden’ is also a favorite of mine.

This book called  ‘Kost’ (‘fare’) is one that I recently bought at Daily Poetry. It’s a new source of inspiration that I take with me everywhere. It’s all about new ways to grow our food and the painful facts about how it’s done now. I find the solutions they come up with very inspiring!

See you next week at my last blog post!