Jet van der Graaf (5/5)

Jet van der Graaf (in her daily life she’s a designer at a magazine) has a dream: traveling the world in an old camper with her boyfriend and her two sons. The nineties camper van has been purchased and work continues day and night to pimp the in- and the outside. Jet shares her tips, doubts, decisions and moments of bliss with us.

It’s a wrap!

We’ve finished our camper van! In the end it’s been painted red and it has bunting all around the top… Everybody’s happy!

Yay, time to celebrate! It was Michiel’s birthday, the sun was shining and we have discovered such a great campsite. All the ingredients in abundance for celebrating the beginning of summer with friends and family. We’re going to our favorite campsite: De Lievelinge (‘the sweetheart’).

The tastiest morsels are brought along and our friend illustrator Wouter Gresnigt together with our two kids adds a cheery birthday illustration to our camper van’s door.

All day long we’re eating, drinking, laughing, swimming and having a great time… and in the end a few of us sit around the campfire until very late, looking back on a wonderful day, with wonderful people in a wonderful place.

A promise of all the great things yet to come this summer and for the rest of our No-Mad Family adventures…. Because life is just the greatest party, so remember to always put up the bunting!

Have a great summer!


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