Geertje Aalders (1/5)

Papercut artist Geertje Aalders makes such beautiful stuff. Using a knife she cuts the most wonderful scenes from paper, often with animals and flowers taking center stage. Luckily, she does this for Flow quite often. In this guest blog she tells us all about herself, her life, and her work.

Let me start at the beginning.

I was born thirty years ago. This is what I looked like back then. I was a jolly baby. I just never slept. Only for the picture. The house I shared with my dad, my mum and my sister has its feet in the forest. In this picture of the garden you can kinda tell. I’ve always loved being outdoors. I used to love climbing trees and I sometimes walked the rabbit on our dog’s lead. There are no pictures of this. But it’s pretty obvious from this picture that I’ve always loved animals. I never thought I’d want to be an illustrator. I was always drawing and crafting, but I had plans to go to culinary school to become a great chef.

Still, I became an illustrator. A very happy one. I’ve been living with my husband Stein and our daughter Janne, who’s almost one year old, in Kampen for a short time. We just moved. The dog and the cat got to come as well.

I am lucky I was able to make a career of illustrating. I started this company back in 2006, right after graduating from Art School. I have an atelier at home. Next time I will talk a bit more about my work.

Thanks! See you next week!