Bodil Jane (1/4)

We yield the floor to Amsterdam based Bodil Jane (Bodil is her first name, Jane her second: together they are her alias), who recently graduated as an illustrator. She’s already made lots of beautiful illustrations for a variety of clients.

Hi there, Flow blog readers!
My name is Bodil Jane and I’m an illustrator. I work as a freelancer and live in Amsterdam. Last month I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy (Dutch Academy of art and design) in Rotterdam. My work is mostly about life style subjects such as fashion, food and interior design. My illustrations are always handmade. I prefer to work with crayons, water color and ink. I’ve made illustrations for, among others, Jamie Magazine NL, VPRO Dorst, Sabato, King Louie, LoveStories, and Fricote.

This first blog is about my graduation project: ‘(Re)Discover the small food shops in Amsterdam West’. In my street in Amsterdam West there are two Albert Heijn (big Dutch supermarket chain) departments and about eight small food shops. Still I noticed that most of my fellow students go to Albert Heijn on a daily basis. I think that’s such a shame and so uninspiring. I’d like people to develop more of a taste for food and to see them make a bit more of an effort to gather their favorite products. I don’t want to lose those small food shops so I feel we should support them. If we all go to these kinds of shops a little more often it will result in more fun, development of taste, inspiration, personal contact, a sense of community and culture.

In order to get local people excited about small shops I wanted to promote my five favorite shops. The end result was a mini city guide to Amsterdam West. There’s a fold-out map of the area in the back with the addresses of those five shops. You can have a look at the entire project on my website: By the way, I’m also on Instagram (@bodiljane) and Facebook (

x Bodil Jane