First time farmers

In every issue, we ask “What are you up to?” to three people who are doing something special. In issue 14 we ask this question to Rachel Segal and Scott Harmer, from Quadra Island, British Columbia, who are freelancing to fund their bigger goal of opening a micro-dairy.

Where do you live?
Our home is a 16×20-foot canvas-wall tent nestled in the forest of our newly-purchased ten acres of land. Up until a couple of months ago, we were without power, and we’ll get running water later this summer. In our first winter here, we cozied up by a woodstove while we got to know the land.

Can you describe an average day on the farm?
The chickens are let out, goats are milked, animals are fed and fresh water put out before we take off for a few hours to drop Isla at the day care and get some work done at the office. In the afternoon, before chores are done and Isla is picked up, we might walk through the forest while we discuss future plans and logistics. After dinner, there are some bedtime stories to be read, the animals are checked one more time, and eggs are collected before we turn the lights out.

How does living in a city compare with living in the wilderness?
In the city, everything was always about work. Passion projects were usually
sidelined and the career focus was all-consuming. We still get a great deal of fulfilment from our “day jobs,” but the best part of our days now is the quality time spent with our herd of goats. This includes everything from going on long meandering walks through the woods to trimming hooves and mucking out barns. We’ve kept a similar pace in how busy we are, but now it feels so much more fulfilling as it’s about building something for us and our children that’s more than just a title or position.

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