Dick Vincent (1/5)

Hello, I’m Dick Vincent, I’m an illustrator/animal lover/adventurer/space cadet, living and working with my two cats Audrey and Frida in Manchester UK, even though I’ve lived in Manchester for over 10 years (originally moving here to attend art school) I still consider my home to be Macclesfield, a small town a stone’s throw out of Manchester but right on the cusp of The Peak District National Park where I spent my youth swimming in rivers, climbing trees and spotting wildlife, something which I’ve carried on through my adult life and become a strong theme within my work.

For my work I stick to traditional drawing techniques, I mostly use watercolour but lately I’ve upgraded to gouache. I’ve always preferred a more organic process of handmade art purely because it has always felt more natural than drawing digitally. There are many recurring themes throughout my work such as my love of the outdoors and animals, my obsessive list making and my passion for pop culture, whether that be a film I’m watching or a book I’m reading, but one major theme I always return to within my personal work is memory, often the work I create will have a subtle nod to my life. I’ve always loved to tell stories or jokes and for me illustration is the perfect platform to do this.
Working for Flow has always been pretty special for me so I’m really excited to share with you my working processes, where I work and projects I’m working on throughout March. I hope you enjoy my posts and in the meantime you can follow my adventures on Instagram @dickvincent.