Creative Rules

This week’s guest blog comes from Mariëlle Coppes of Magical Daydream, and consists of two parts. Yesterday, in the first part of her blog, Mariëlle told us a bit about herself and her creative projects. Today, she shares four creative rules that she finds helpful.

 Four Creative Rules to live by (a.k.a. Things I wish someone had told me about creativity):

  • Anyone can be creative
    Creativity is not a special gift you’re born with. Imagine creativity like a muscle: the more you train it, the stronger it becomes. Which is great news! The more time you dedicate to creating art and forming new ideas, the better you will get at it.
  • An output problem is always an input problem
    When you’re stuck creatively, you need to actively expose yourself to new ideas. Walk away from your blank page or white canvas. Read books, discover art, talk to interesting people, travel, relax or take a walk in nature. Recharge yourself. Then try again. The more varied and frequent your input is, the more innovative your output will be.
  • Creating something is more important than being original
    It’s good to strive for originality, but if you want to create something, then create it. Don’t let your pride of wanting to be original block you from creating. Somebody might have done it before, but no one has done it like you will. You, your personality, your style, your mistakes, your skills and your experience will make your work unique.
  • Having fun is more important than being creative
    When you have a playful mindset, you’ll be more likely to do new things and combine weird ideas. Play is a catalyst for creativity. Take all those hours you spent roller-skating as a kid—they didn’t feel like lessons did they, yet you actually learned a lot. When you want to become more creative, make the process fun. Fun will benefit your results and your motivation.


I’ve created a fun, mini collection of ten printable posters, with the above four rules plus six more, for you. Remind yourself that creativity is messy and fun. Get your free creativity posters HERE*.

Mariëlle Coppes inspires people from all over the world to transform dull, everyday moments into creative and fun ones. You can see more of her happy adventures and projects on her blog.