Clairice Gifford

‘It is all about finding calm in the chaos’. That’s the quote featured on the cover of the current issue of Flow Magazine (#18), which is so apt for this particular issue that we had it hand-lettered especially. The hand-lettering design was made by Utah-based illustrator Clairice Gifford, who also created the cover of our Notebook for Paper Lovers.

Clairice created both illustrations using pen and pencil, and then finished them off with Illustrator and Photoshop. In her work, she likes to feature letters that match the subject matter and uses a combination of muted and bright colors. Clairice’s sources of inspiration include vintage fonts, museums, books, textile and her travels. “But really everything I see gives me new impulses,” she says. “I always feel the need to create something.”

In addition to creating covers for Flow, Clairice also cooperated with us as a guest pinner on our Friends of Flow Pinterest board, in which she delighted us with plenty of boldly-colored images. If you’d like to see what she shared, you can do so here.

  • To find out more about—and see more from—Clairice, you can follow her on Instagram.
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