The bullet journal of Federica Santaroni

bullet journal

We already know bullet journaling is a simple solution for keeping yourself organized. By spending some time on Instagram, we found out you can use it for your creativity as well. We asked a couple of creative people about their bullet journal and their golden tip for beginners. Federica Santaroni posts beautiful pictures of her bullet journal on Instagram

Why did you start with a bullet journal?

“I discovered the bullet journal surfing the Internet. I found a lot of pictures of people who are using this system and I fell totally in love, the more I knew about it the more I thought it was a perfect way to find a compromise between a lifetime full of commitments and my creativity. After a few days, I decided to buy a Leuchtturm 1917 and start.”

What makes the bullet journal so likeable?

“That you can organize the BuJo according to your needs and at the same time you can write all the thoughts that pops into your brain – adding a little bit of artistry- without thinking of following any pattern.”


What’s your favorite kind of page?

“I love all pages, cause I use all my creativity on them, but I especially love the daily logs.”

Do you have a golden tip for everyone that would like to start with a bullet journal?

“Start this beautiful system because it completely changes and organizes life. Today, I can’t stay without my bullet journal.”

Photography Federica Santaroni