Anisa Makhoul (3/4)

This week I wanted to show you how I stay creative and social. Having creative social outlets helps me to stay inspired, by thinking about making art in different ways.

Portland is a very creative city, I feel fortunate to be a part of the art community.  Last year a group of women artists started an event called “Ladies Drawing Night”, it a private group,  when I was asked to join I was very excited.  The group meets once a month, we get together to sit around a table, drink wine, share snacks, and make art. This has connected me with some amazingly talented local women, whom I admire, and it’s been a great resource. Last month I brought my camera along to share a picture with you.

(pictured here, from the right around the table is Lena Podesta, Adrienne Vita, Vera Brosgol, Peg Serena, Tara Lilly, Kinoko Evans, and the little blue person on pink paper is by Rilla Alexander)  

Another project I do with friends is “Stamp Art Club”, once a month we each make a postage stamp based on a theme. There are four of us, and we make these images to share on Instagram. We have a hashtag #stampartclub if you’d like to view the whole project. The artists are Tara Lilly from Portland, Oregon, Monika Forsberg from London, and Kate Mason from Australia.

One great thing about stamp art club is that it keeps me in touch with friends who live far away. We are doing a project together so we can’t fall out of touch, also it insures that I have one playful assignment every month that’s just for myself. So much of what you do as an illustrator is making work for clients, constantly thinking about what the client wants can get tiresome.

I hope to encourage other creatives out there to begin some sort of “creative playground”, someplace where there’s no pressure just connecting with other artists in fun ways. It can help to get you out of your own head, and the connections you’ll make are priceless.

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