Amy Blackwell

One of our favs to make: the new Book for Paper Lovers. A book with (almost) no text, just paper. We collaborated with a large team of illustrators from all around the world, and this week we will introduce you to four of our main designers. Today it’s Amy’s turn. 

Amy Blackwell (Nottingham, Great Brittain), paints portraits and patterns. For this book she made patterns for the wrapping paper and some doodles for stickers and lables. Amy gets her inspiration from her surroundings: “I  find all kinds of inspiration in the places I live and visit. I don’t drive, which means I walk everywhere, and that gives me plenty of time to soak up whatever is around me.” Amy’s paperpassion: “Postcards. I love writing, receiving and collecting them. These little snippets of what people are up to accompanied by a funny, pretty or thought-provoking picture are so perfect.”

  • You can take a look at Amy’s work on her website and Instagram.
  • The Book for Paper Lovers 4 in available is our shop.

Illustration Amy Blackwell