Agnes’ pins

Big thanks to Hanke for compiling such a beautiful collection of pictures on Pinterest last month. In November, illustrator Agnes Loonstra takes over from her as Flow’s guest pinner. Agnes describes herself as a “loyal and slightly chaotic Pinterest fan”, which promises to be interesting! “Sometimes I see those incredibly organized Pinterest accounts, sorted by color or a specific theme, but I’m not like that at all,” says Agnes. “In fact, I just keep everything I find inspiring in a few categories. Illustrations, photos (and movie stills), prints/wallpaper, and color palettes: these are the most important to me.”

Inspiration for illustrating
Besides being an illustrator, Agnes is also a musician and singer, so she regularly also pins ideas for retro hairdos and styles for her a capella group, Charmony. Furthermore, her Pinterest board also includes future dream houses, ideas for life hacks, examples for creative projects, and her own work. When she starts drawing, she regularly spends about an hour on Pinterest first. “I often create a secret mood board for inspiration, and pin pictures and colors on it. It always helps me a great deal when I’m trying to think of what I want to draw.”

The most beautiful choices
Pinning for Flow this month is a great opportunity for Agnes to make a selection of her most beautiful pictures. On her personal page, she has already collected more than 3,600 pins, so there is plenty to choose from. “I plan inspire a great deal, sharing beautiful photos, colors, cool retro wallpapers, work by fellow illustrators, film tips, houses I like, and my own work. And of course, some cats too!”

  • You can follow Agnes’ Pinterest board here.
  • You can also see Agnes’ work in the new Flow Book for Paper Lovers, and of course on her website.
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