The story behind the cover

The cover of Issue 36 is extra special: for the first time ever, you will find the same illustration simultaneously on all four editions of Flow: the Dutch, English, German and French. 

With this illustration by Octavia Bromell we hope to give you the feeling that we are all in this situation together. Even though sometimes it may feel that way: we are not alone. Because this is the flip side… however surreal the situation is, the conversations we are having are very, very real.

Saying how you are really doing, no filter, is something we’re actually really enjoying. We hope it stays that way in the weeks to come. It will help us get through these strange times. And what we hope most of all, is that we keep doing this, even when things are back to some sort of normal.

That the same illustration is on all four editions feels truly special to us. Because at Flow we are also constantly searching for new ways of working and creating a sense of togetherness. In the end, Flow’s favorite thing is being together.

Tanja Reuschling is managing editor the German Flow: “The German Flow is also currently produced entirely from the home office. That works out well, we see each other regularly via Skype – but of course we also miss sitting across from each other a bit and exchanging ideas. But we’ve also established some nice new routines – for example, now a few colleagues always meet when one of us has a birthday and sing a serenade in front of the house. And we sometimes meet in pairs to go for a walk and talk things through. And these personal meetings are now much more appreciated.”

  • Our new edition, Issue 36, can be found here.

Photography Floor van Koert  Illustration Octavia Bromell