Letting go of the English edition of Flow

Letting go. We’ve never been very good at it. And yet, that is exactly what we will be doing.

For years we’ve been making our English-language issues with a team of dedicated, wonderful translators, editors and designers. It made us feel so proud that our English issues went all over the world, and that we received emails from fans from Toronto, Buenos Aires or Cape Town who wrote that they had found solace and inspiration in our stories, or had finally gathered up enough courage to take a step they had been longing to take.

And you can imagine how proud we felt when we came across a copy of Flow in a little shop in Georgetown, Malaysia, when we were on holiday. Or when friends sent a photo of a copy of Flow in an Australian supermarket. Or when we saw a Flow window display in New York City.


The world has changed over the past year and, more than ever before, we’ve had to apply the life lessons we have been writing about to our own situation. We did it all: accepting that things are what they are, living in the now, embracing what there is, getting out of our comfort zone, moving with the tide. And now we’re going to do what we find the most difficult thing of all: letting go. Because it has become clear that producing the English edition of Flow and distributing it worldwide is no longer achievable.

We have tried our utmost over the past months but we have had to make the decision to stop making our English issues. We hope it won’t be forever, because we would love to share more stories with you. Stories about how life can be different, about how to look after your mental health, about the world and how it changes and about the power of creativity. Words and ideas can change the world, Robin Williams said. And we continue to believe in that.

  • Although the paper issue will no longer be there, we will continue sharing articles and ideas about how to live your life in this world full of changes on flowmagazine.com, on Facebook (@TheWorldofFlow) and on Instagram (@flow_magazine).
  • This is also where you will find updates about our plans for the future.
  • And if you have a subscription you can read here more about what to do.

Photography Floor van Koert