Cooking videos for at home

Everyone’s home situation is different, but if you do have some extra time, you may enjoy trying out a new recipe. These at home cooking video’s can help you out. 

Vegan shakshuka

A plant based Shakshuka, made by Deliciously Ella. Instead of eggs, you can use coconut yoghurt, and the final product is a warming and cosy meal, bursting with flavour. You can find the full recipe in the description of her video below.

Greek Soutzoukakia

Greek what now? Soutzoukakia is a delicious meal that consists of seasoned meatballs in tomatosauce. In this video you are under the guidance of one of the best Greek cooks to be found online, Akis Petretzikis. You can find the full recipe here, and the video below.

Vegetarians: do not fret. Akis has also shared a meatless version of this delicious meal. You can find the recipe here, and the video below.

Homemade Dumplings: three ways

You may have passed the mouth watering video’s from Tasty before, on social media or on their app. In this video you can learn three different ways to create delicious homemade dumplings from scratch. The full recipe can be found in the video’s (shown below) description box, or on the Tasty app.

Bon Appetit!

Text Bente van Wouw & Moya Gorodecky Photography Living the Green Life