6 illustators on how they have found comfort lately

What do you do in difficult and unusual times, when we stay indoors much more than we used to? In search for something to keep ourselves grounded and focused on the here and now, we have realized once again just how comforting and stress-relieving it can be to get creative.

So when the coronavirus outbreak started tightening its grip on the world, we turned to six of our illustrators and asked them each to create a calming coloring page that you can use to focus on creating something beautiful. We already shared them on social media, and now you can also color them in in issue 37.

Ana Hard

(Barcelona, Spain)

Where did you find comfort in this situation?

“In the small things that make a huge difference every day. Meditation, cooking, exercising, hobbies, love… All the things that we never have time to do, but these days you realize how important it is to find that time no matter what so you have a healthy balanced life.”

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Deborah van der Schaaf

(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Where did you find comfort in this situation?

“Mostly in the beautiful initiatives that people are putting together, and the fact that there will always be people who try their very best to help others. I follow someone who offers cookery workshops on Instagram and she had to close her doors because of the situation. So she just used up all the supplies she had and made them into pots of soup which she distributed throughout her neighborhood. And then there’s my own neighbor: she’s 80 years old and she calls me from time to time (and I her). She’s such a tough cookie – always positive and a little headstrong – but when I have spoken with her, it gives me a real spring in my step.”

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Queenbe Monyei

(Los Angeles, US)

Where did you find comfort in this situation?

“I love spending time relaxing and taking time for myself. I hope that others will also get as much comfort in coloring and as I get from illustrating.”

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Jennifer Orkin Lewis

(New York, US)

Where have you found comfort during these times?

Spending my time drawing and painting has kept me sane, occupied and inspired. I’ve been experimenting with some new techniques, which keeps me on my toes.

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Marloes de Vries

(Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

Where else have you found comfort during these times?

The fact that, in spite of everything, flowers keep emerging and leaves keep growing on trees. To realize that everything will always turn out right again is very reassuring. Digging in the soil, sowing, pruning—and doing this mindfully—gives me a great sense of calm.

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Alja Horvat

(Ljubljana, Slovenia)

Where have you found comfort during these times?

I’m very lucky to say that my life hasn’t changed that much, because I usually work from home. I do have a studio in another city (although I can’t currently go there), but most of the time I work from home. I realized I feel so much better when not reading the news every day so I would encourage everyone to do the same.

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  • Read more about these six illustrators, and find their comforting coloring pages in issue 37.

Compilation Carloine Buijs Photography Kelly Sikkeman/Unsplash.com