Making lists with the newest Flow stationery

Flow stationery

Lists help you to remember things and enable you to offload whatever is on your mind to leave it nice and empty. We’ve created a stationery line with, among other things, notebooks into which you can fit a lot of things.

We created this stationery line together with the American publisher Workman Publishing and regular Flow contributor, illustrator Sanny van Loon. It consists of a Notebook Set, Tiny Pleasures Sticky Notes, and a One Day at a Time Daily List Pad. Not only does this planner have space for the usual To Do lists, but it also has space for a To Do Later list and for a Let It Go list. This way, you can remind yourself that you don’t have to do everything, and that life can indeed be that bit slower.

The Breathe, Create, Celebrate Notebook Set includes three notebooks, each with its own illustrated cover and different kind of paper inside: ruled, graph or dotted. Beyond that, we have left them as empty as possible so that you can use them for whatever purpose you want, be it to write, draw or make lists in, to use as a bullet journal, or whatever takes your fancy.

Do you like making lists as much as we do? Here are some ideas.

  1. Nice moments list
    Where were you happy this week? What are you grateful for? What beautiful things did you notice? Write them down in a list at the end of each week and you will see that you begin to notice all those beautiful things around you quicker.
  2. Wish list
    Do you always dread being asked that question: ‘What do you want for your birthday/Christmas?’ If so, you coudl keep a list during the year with things that you would like to have but would not necessarily buy for yourself. That beautiful coffee table book or that pretty set of pencils, for example.
  3. ‘Still to read and see’ list
    Here at Flow, we’re always exchanging recommendations, and maybe you hear it every day, too: “This was such a wonderful book”, or “That Netflix documentary is really worth watching!” You can list all these recommendations down, so that you always have something on hand during a day off or while on vacation.
  4. Nice places list
    The same goes for nice places or lovely cafés and so on. With all the good tips from your friends, family and colleagues you can create your own ‘guidebook’. You could even go so far as to compile recommendations of places in other cities and countries too.

The new Flow stationery line can be ordered in our web shop.