How to start knitting: tips

How to start knitting

Knitting is no longer corny, writes The New York Times. And they’re right. Knitting accounts on Instagram have thousands of followers, patterns are fresh and contemporary, and you no longer need a skilled grandmother to teach you. Want to start knitting? Online editor and knitting fanatic Bente gives her tips.

  1. Get your materials from the local yarn store.
    Not only will you find everything you need to get you started, but you can also ask for any advice you may need: Which material is the best to work with? Is it better to choose iron or bamboo knitting needles? And which thickness is the most convenient? They’ll be able to help you with all your questions.
  2. Don’t immediately choose to make a scarf.
    No matter how easy knitting a scarf is, it also takes super long. And if you choose to work with a thin yarn in particular, it can take hours and hours to complete. Chances are that you’ll get bored and throw your unfinished project in a corner. If you start with something smaller, such as a sock or hat, you will have a result much faster and thanks to that hurray-I-made-something-myself-feeling, you will be more inclined to knit for longer.
  3. Find the right teaching method.
    How do you learn best? Some people still prefer the skilled grandmother (or another family member), others prefer to go on a course, and then there is also the option of online tutorials. Find out what works best for you before you randomly choose a method that may not be the most suitable for you. I personally think the videos from We Are Knitters are great. They’re clear and if you dedicate yourself to it, you’ll master the basic techniques within a day.

Text and photography Bente van de Wouw  Translation Julia Gorodecky