DIY: How to decorate a cake with patterns

decorate a cake

Have you seen our Paper Book for Food Lovers yet? In this special edition of the Flow Book for Paper Lovers you will find patterned templates that you can use to decorate a cake, among others. Here’s how you do it.

It actually speaks for itself. In the book you will find two different templates to tear or cut out: one with a pattern of stars and one with a pattern of tree leaves.

  1. Choose the pattern you want on your cake (or whatever other edible item you wish to decorate) and tear it out. We went for stars here.
  2. Pop the stars out of the template by hand. You won’t need these stars anymore for the cake, but you can always use them for another project, so keep them somewhere safe.
  3. Place the template over the cake.
  4. Sprinkle whatever ingredient you want your stars to be (e.g. icing sugar, rainbow sprinkles, etc.) over the template. With fine items like icing sugar, you can do it by hand or through a sieve.
  5. Now remove the template.
  6. Done!

* You can find these patterned templates in our Paper Book for Food Lovers.

Photography Floor van Koert