Learning to knit: three websites

Learning to knit doesn’t necessarily take your grandmother or a set of workshops. These websites teach you just fine too. 

We are knitters

Not only can you find complete (starter) packs with patterns and balls of wool, but We are knitters also offers a range of instruction videos on how to knit. The videos are easy to follow and differ in techniques.

Sheep & stitch

Filled with everything form patterns and yarn- types to level of difficulty and item category. Sheep and stitch offers a many different tutorials and urges everyone who follows them to be a creator.

Wool and the gang

This website has a similar concept to We are knitters, but offers a broader range of instruction video’s. Not only about knitting, but also about crochet and macramé. In The woolschool you can find more than 102 video’s about knitting. They also offer tips and tricks to make the craft easier.

  • You can find more knitting tips here.

Text Bente van Wouw & Moya Gorodecky