DIY: How to make all sorts of garlands


At Flow, we’re huge fans of paper and love all the creations you can make with it. We’ve been busy making all sorts of garlands using the paper from the latest Flow Book for Paper Lovers (issue 7) and below you’ll find instructions for just a few.

You will need:

  • Flow Book for Paper Lovers 7
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Roll of sticky tape
  • String
  • Cutter knife

Triangle Garland

  1. Start by cutting off a long piece of string.
  2. Near the back of the Book for Paper Lovers, you’ll find a selection of different patterned diamonds – you’ll need these for the garland. Choose the colors you want to use and cut them out.
  3. Next, fold the diamonds in half along the widest part, and slot them over the string so that they can hang off it.
  4. Finally, glue the two sides together to lock the string in.

Circle Garland

  1. Start by cutting off a long piece of string.
  2. Next, choose the paper you want to use. We opted for the colored paper with dots.
  3. Fold the page in half widthwise and place the roll of sticky tape on one section as a template.
  4. Hold the roll firmly in place and run the cutter knife carefully around the edge. This will leave you with two circles because you folded the page in half. Place the string in between the two circles and glue their sides together
  5. Repeat.

Double-tipped Garland

  1. Making a double-tipped garland is easy. Simply follow the instructions for the Triangle Garland, and when it comes to folding the diamonds fold them slightly at an angle so that the two points are next to each other as opposed to on top of each other.
  2. And for this garland, you only need to put some glue along the widest part near the string instead of on the whole paper.

*The Book for Paper Lovers 7 is available in our web shop and on Amazon.