How we make Flow these days (and how to get a copy)

flow magazine issue 35

It would be fair to say that putting an international magazine together is not so easy at the moment, but we want you to know that we are doing the best we can to make our international issues and distribute them worldwide.

Since March 13, most people in the Netherlands – where our headquarters are based – have been working from home. This means that, unfortunately, our international team is unable to get together in person, but we have all now become experts in online calls and we keep each other updated on the things we do as best as we can.

Our international managing editor Rachel normally sits side by side with our international copy & content editor and proofreader Julia once the magazine has been designed and laid out. Those weeks are the best in the production process, because there is a lot of English buzzing around our editorial office and we love hearing them talk about which words feel like the best translation, which words really give the right vibes to the international edition and so on. Luckily Rachel and Julia are doing a great job and our issues are still being printed.

A more difficult situation at the moment is the international distribution. As you may well know, many shops the world over are currently closed, and normally we also sell a lot of magazines at airports, which is a very different story right now.

We’re getting lots of e-mails from people asking us where they can buy the magazine now, but it is difficult for us to be precise about that. So, please contact your local retailer (who can probably use some extra support right now) to find out if they have the magazine in stock. And of course, you can also buy individual copies from our web shop or (even better) take out a subscription. If you do, please note that the subscription prices also include shipping costs.

In the meantime, we’ll keep you up to date on all our Flow news online, here on our website. We regularly write blogs about how we are doing and provide free downloads such as a poster or comforting coloring pages. We also host Insta live sessions each Wednesday on @flow_magazine and send out our international newsletter every week, which you can subscribe to here.

Thank you for reading our magazine and online stories and for all your lovely feedback – it means a lot to us. We are all in this together! Stay safe and healthy.

Photography Floor van Koert