Creativity club in Rome

creativity club

The Paperness paper shop in Rome, Italy, regularly organizes fun events around Flow products. That’s how owner Maria Boscarato ended up starting a Creativity Club in which she uses our book, Creativity Takes Courage.

Maria says that she wants to make creativity accessible to everyone. That’s why she often reads books about it, so that she can pass on the inspiring ideas. “Last year we organized a book club on Wednesday evenings about The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron and Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert, and one Saturday evening a month, we held a drawing evening. We wanted to bring these two separate events together, and that became the Creativity Club.”

Now, once a month, around 22 enthusiastic participants come together to discuss books about creativity, including the Flow book Creativity Takes Courage, and to put the ideas into practice. “Reading can be a lonely activity. But when you talk to others about it, the ideas from the book come to life and become real,” says Maria.

“We don’t just talk about the books; we draw, write and craft too. And we discuss the questions posed at the end of each chapter in the book.” Which is exactly what the book was made for: to trigger conversations, inspire, and encourage people to do and to make. And above all: not be afraid to do something wrong.

Photography Maria Boscarato