Book for Paper Lovers 5

The best day of the year is when our newest Book for Paper Lovers comes out. And we are in love with the newest edition.

Already the fith edition of our Book for Paper Lovers. It’s a joy to put together, part because of the amazing people we work with from all around the world. But the best thing is that, no matter where we live, we all understand each other. That’s why this year’s edition has North, East, South, West as its theme.

Here  is a little movie about the book:

Some of the paper goodies inside the book:

  • Birthday calender with artwork from Agnes Loonstra (The Netherlands)
  • Coloring pages with illustrations from Helena Carrington (United Kingdom)
  • Writing paper with paterns from Sanny van Loon (The Netherlands)
  • Window stickers with artwork from Jennifer Orkin Lewis (United States)

Flow’s Book for Paper Lovers 5 is available in selected bookstores and in our shop.