Stamping with Lotta

A workshop retreat in Sweden, complete with saunas and dips in the sea, all while learning a craft from designer Lotta Jansdotter—can a holiday get any better? Journalist Caroline Buijs thinks not. In Issue 15 she writes about it, and here, we share a part from the feature.

At dinner one evening, I sit beside Cynthia from Hawaii, and we discover we share a love for the little things in life that make you happy and we both have a desire to constantly be learning something new. (Cynthia, recently retired, has just taken up knitting, and I’m dabbling in crocheting.) We find that we both love swimming, although Cynthia swims every morning in the Pacific Ocean while I’m in a pool in the center of Amsterdam. Besides improving my craft skills, conversations like this make such a workshop abroad so special. At home, I might get a glimpse into the lives of various crafters via their blogs or Instagram accounts, but here I’m meeting them in person, which makes the experience all the more enriching.

  • You can find the article in issue 15, with a DIY booklet by Lotta that teaches you how to design your own patterns.
  • In this blog you can read more about Lotta.
  • Lotta also designed our Diary for 2017.