Paper Bird Garland

The third paper tutorial in our Paper Lovers Week comes form Erika of Mikodesign. Here, she shows us how to make a garland of paper birds, and her handy templates of birds and feathers make our life so much easier!


Step 1: Choose some lovely paper from the Flow Book for Paper Lovers. For this garland, I used beautiful blue- and green-colored sheets. (Note: If you use thicker paper, it’s easier to attach the forms later.)


Step 2: Print the template above, cut the forms out and trace round them on the different sheets of paper to create outlines of birds and feathers.

Step 3: Cut the birds and feathers out. The amount of birds and feathers you choose to have depends on the length of your garland.

Step 4: Choose a piece of colored thread that matches your paper and, using a sewing machine, stitch the birds and feathers onto it with a simple cross. Make sure you leave enough extra yarn at both ends so as to be able to hang the garland up with ease.

Have fun making your garland!


The Flow Book for Paper Lovers is still available in our web shop.