Pompoms tutorial

Pompoms are admittedly nothing new, but they always make great party decorations. How about making a neon version for New Year’s Eve?

You need:
* tissue
* scissors
* string

For this DIY project you only need three things to craft your own pompoms. We used ten sheets of A3 size paper, but you can try larger or smaller pompoms by simply choosing a smaller format. In terms of thickness, we would use no less than ten sheets for this size.

Rule of thumb: The smaller the pompom, the fewer layers of tissue paper you need.

Fold the tissue paper like an accordion by starting at one end and folding forwards and backwards. The folded strip should be approximately 3 cm (1″) wide.

When you have folded the tissue paper several times, your “fan” is ready.

Now fold the fan over in the middle to mark the centre.

Cut slits of no more than a few millimetres on both sides. These slits will ensure that the cord does not slip back and forth.

Now put the string into the small incisions and knot them. Cut off the remaining string, but leave enough to can hang it.

Cut around the edges to make a decorative edge.

If you have completed all the steps, your pompom should look like the one in the image.
Hold it on one side, so that you can start fanning it out.

The pompom gets its shape when you pull apart the tissue paper layer by layer. Pull the top layer all the way up to the middle, the second not so far etc. Continue until you have pulled out the first five layers of tissue paper.
Now turn the pompom, take it gently from the other side in and pull the remaining five layers in the other direction. Be careful when pulling, because the paper is very thin and breaks easily.


If you have pulled out all the layers, you can then start shaping the paper until you have a nice, round shape.

This tutorial was published before by DaWanda, where you can find even more creative projects.