PaperLove e-course

Are you a fan of paper, beautiful letters, small folding projects and bookbinding? Then we recommend you take a look at the work of bookbinder Rachel Hazell from Edinburgh. In the Dutch edition of Flow (issue 7, which will be available online as of October 14), we talk about her paper art and her Paper in Paris workshop, which she will be holding in the French capital this fall. As that’s still a while away, you can (fortunately) already marvel at her beautiful creations on Pinterest, Instagram or in the online galleries of her website.

Rachel Hazell gives workshops all around the world, from Venice to Antarctica. Her five-week e-course PaperLove starts on October 5 and each week has its own theme: paper, collage, words, books and mail. The e-course gives step-by-step instructions for more than 20 paper projects, including folding and bookbinding. Visit Rachel’s website for more information and to register for the PaperLove e-course.

Photography: Uli Schade