Paper lovers week

Since it’s launch three years ago, it’s now become an annual tradition at Flow to bring you the ultimate paper special: The Flow Book for Paper Lovers. Every issue has been packed full with special papers and artworks from different illustrators. It’s no secret that, here at Flow, we are paper lovers ourselves, and we share this passion with Flow readers all around the world. It’s so funny that something as simple as paper has brought us so many friends. Like-minded people who understand the pleasures a notebook or pop-up book can bring; who also get excited by something as ordinary as a crisp paper bag, a nice label or a pretty tag; who – just like us – keep beautiful papers in a box and buy new notebooks when we already have ten at home; and who know that not every paper is nice to write on, but that it does have its own special lovely smell.

When the Flow Book for Paper Lovers came out, some of our readers asked us for inspiration. Therefore, we will be publishing the following paper tutorials on our blog this week:

You can order the Flow Book for Paper Lovers in our web shop.

Photo: Ellen Nij Bijvank (from