Marcrame tutorial

Macrame hanging baskets are totally hip again – only slightly less rustic and colourful! In this tutorial we show you how you can make the hanging basket in just a matter of minutes.

You need:
* scissors
* 4 wooden balls
* 1 wooden ring (optional)
* 2 straws
* jeresy band (4 pieces/3m)

Cut your jersey down to the correct sizes and then thread it through it through the wooden ring. Then fix the whole thing with a double knot in the middle. You should now have eight equal lengths of rope.

Now lay out all the strings like you can see in the picture. Each length of fabric should consist of two strands.

So the next step is to cut the straws, you need to cut four parts from each straw.

Thread the straws and balls onto the lengths of material. Start with a piece of straw, then a wooden ball, and finish with another piece of straw.

You need to tie some knots to keep everything in place. you need to make a knot beneath each of the wooden balls, and then again ten cm below this.

Tip: The distances between the knots will vary depending on the pot size. It’s best just to pop your plant pot in to check you’re knotting in the correct place.
At the top, you need to make a final large knot. Take all four bands and thread two above and two below so that a final knot is created.
This tutorial was published before by DaWanda, where you can find even more creative projects.