Happy Pictures

What do you see when you have a positive outlook on the world? In Flow #19, seven artists show us – in illustrations – what makes them happy. And Dutch illustrator Lotte Dirks drew her Happy Thing here for our blog.

Fresh ingredients from the garden

“The first harvest of the year is always good news to me as it symbolizes the start of a fertile season. If I pick a full bunch of rhubarb at the end of May, I often use it to bake a cake, which I then enjoy together with my neighbour. She in turn gives me apples from her garden. Nothing beats cooking and baking with fresh ingredients from your own garden.”

  • To find out more about Lotte and see her work, visit her website: Greenhouseprints.com
  • You can see the Happy Things that were drawn by seven other Flow illustrators in Flow #19, which is available in stores around the world as well as our webshop.