Drawing with Floor Rieder

Floor Rieder is yet another Flow illustrator who is featured in the “Selfie Gallery” of the new Flow Sketchbook. We asked her and ten other Flow illustrators to draw themselves and give us their favorite drawing tip. This is what Floor shared:

“We were very frugal in my house when I was growing up. But never with drawing materials. My mother would allow me to pick out the highest-quality pencils—even when I was four years old. My tip: Don’t skimp on materials. Pick different things and try them out. The sheets of paper with all your little test doodles are often little artworks in their own right.”

We found a nice video by the Rijksmuseum for their Drawing Saturday initiative. In the film, Floor explains how she draws a portrait.

Drawing Saturday: Drawing in 100 seconds with Floor Rieder

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Floor Rieder also has a website and Instagram account where she regularly posts her new work.