5 ways to fill your travel diary

travel diary

When you’re traveling, there are always special moments that occur which you would like pop in a jar and keep forever. Until that invention becomes a reality, we’ve compiled some ways to record them in a travel diary.

  1. Write down the details
    It’s the smallest details that begin to blur the first. So, try to write these things down while you’re traveling. The name of the drink that you liked so much; that lovely street with the vintage shops; the smell of a certain flower that you encountered everywhere. Take ten minutes every day to briefly (or extensively) write these down in your travel diary and you will have a nice compilation when you get back home after your vacation.
  2. Make it tangible
    Don’t just write in your book, stick things in too. Receipts; entrance tickets; stickers from the pieces of fruit that you bought; a leaf of a tree that you liked so much. This way, your travel diary immediately becomes nice and thick, and your memories are easier to recall.
  3. Add photos
    Leave some space between the lines of text to stick in photos of your trip. What’s even easier: take an instant camera with you so you can take the photos and print your snaps there and then. This way they can be added to your travel diary straight away.
  4. Make illustrations
    Perhaps even more fun than taking photos is making your own drawings of your trip. That beautiful view from the mountain top; a local resident with a characteristic face; your favorite meal. You don’t have to be able to draw well, as long as you remember what the drawings represent.
  5. Include dialogues
    Conversations that you want to remember can disappear from your memory so quickly. So, write the dialogues down. It doesn’t have to be done extensively – you can also simply jot down the most important words.

Text Bente van de Wouw and Julia Gorodecky  Photography Burst / Stocksnap.io

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