Ceiling art Indian taxis

India is a colorful country, to say the least. Even the ceilings in Mumbai’s taxis are a true work of art. Rachel Lopez photographs them and shares them on her Instagram account.

The result is a cheerful collection of colors and patterns. ‘I took my first shot of a taxi ceiling in April 2017—a chocolate-brown background covered in strawberries of unnatural hues,’ writes Lopez on pri.org. After that first photo, she decided to capture every taxi ride with a special ceiling. One day, it could be a large illustrated fruit bowl; another day a colorful pattern of circles, triangles or all kinds of shapes mixed together.

Lopez’ collection has already brought her almost 10,000 followers. ‘As I’ve shared my shots of ceiling art on Twitter and Instagram, one thing’s clear: Many Mumbaikars still take taxis. They need only a little prodding to look up. And once they do, they’re hooked. My feeds are now full of friends and strangers, alike, sharing pictures of taxis they’ve taken across the city. Many locals comment that they simply didn’t pay attention to the variety of kaali-peeli [the black-and-yellow taxis] designs before.’