Paper goodies for foodies

At Flow we love food as much as we love paper.

In the editorial office birthdays are celebrated with home-baked cakes, we share our favorite recipes, and when Christmas comes around we deck our lunch table with stars and glitter, and then it’s filled with a selection of the tastiest homemade dishes – we all bring something special. Even now we are all at home we have a weekly video call with drinks and nibbles.

So we realized: why not make a special devoted to both of our passions? A book about paper and food: the Flow Paper Book for Food Lovers. Because one of the things we love about food is how it brings people together (at the moment this can be done virtually; everyone in their own home, with their own take on a recipe for example). The hot meal you bring to a friend who’s in need right now, or the neighborhood potluck party from balconies and gardens. A summery indoor picnic with roommates or family, a bowl of noodles on the couch watching TV, with your children or your pets.

We asked illustrators from all over the globe to make drawings of sushi and rice bowls, food trucks and matcha lattes, teacups and thermoses. We sprinkled the illustrations throughout the book and then filled it with paper goodies you can use at dinner parties, cocktail evenings or birthday celebrations (be they virtual now or in person again in the future), inviting all those who are dear to you.

Posters for on the kitchen wall, gift bags for freshly baked cookies, name tags for your table settings, paper for shopping lists and invitations, a notebook in the shape of a sardine tin, cake decorations, a Portuguese pop-up kitchen and a jar-sized Ramen restaurant.

And that’s not even everything…

  • You can find the Flow Paper Book for Food Lovers in bookstores across the world an in our shop.

Photography Floor van Koert