New guest on Pinterest

What beautiful images we had on our Pinterest page in April! A big thanks to Heather from Skinny laMinx for sharing them with us. And now, Brittany Watson Jepsen from The House that Lars Built takes over as our guest pinner for the month of May.

Perhaps you have come across the colorful DIY projects by Brittany Watson Jepsen, who is founder and director of The House That Lars Built? You can find them, for example, in our special Flow Make it yourself, on her website and via social media.

Whenever possible, Brittany spends her time crafting, writing and drawing. She is mad about paper and turns it into the most spectacular designs. What’s more, she has just released her book Craft the Rainbow: 40 Colorful Paper Projects, the idea for which arose on the back of her rapidly successful Instagram hashtag #crafttherainbow. This month you can expect a sneak peek of it on our Pinterest board.

During the month of May, Brittany and her team will be sharing their favorite pictures on Pinterest.

  • You can follow the Pinterest board here.
  • You can still admire the pins from Skinny laMinx and other previous guest pinners on our Pinterest page.
  • Want to see more of The House That Lars Built? Visit her website, or take a look inside the special Flow Make it yourself.