Naomi’s pins

Did you see Penelope’s pins on Pinterest? Thank you, Penelope, for all the beautiful images you shared throughout the month of February. Now, it’s the turn of Naomi Bulger from Australia, who is taking over our Friends of Flow Pinterest board this month.

Naomi is a writer and illustrator. Her book The Art of Mail: A Field Guide to Creative, Quirky and Kind Projects in the Post is being published this spring, and you can read an interview with her in Issue 23 of Flow Magazine, which will be on sale as of mid-March.

What can we expect from you on Pinterest? “I’m going to share a lot of photos and illustrations that celebrate creative snail-mail (of course) and particularly mail-art. But also, images of nature—from wildernesses to house-plants to botanical crafts—and pins that celebrate the beauty of slow-living: that could be anything from home-baked food to gentle interior scenes, and ‘slow’ activities like macramé or spoon carving.

I use Pinterest to spark ideas and inspiration. When I find myself in a rut creatively (whether that’s in terms of photography, design ideas, craft projects, blog content or even the directions I want to take in my courses), I find the wealth of inspiration on Pinterest really helps stretch me in new directions. I also use it on a more practical level—for example I’m planning a big trip with my two children later this year and want to do it in as considered, sustainable and ethical manner as possible, so at the moment I’ve been pinning lots of posts on sustainable tourism. And in the kitchen, I’m very interested in learning how to make things from scratch, so I pin a lot on home-baked bread, home-made sauces, and those sorts of things.”

  • This month, Naomi is sharing her favorite images on Pinterest. You can follow her Pinterest board here.
  • You can still marvel at all the beautiful pins from Penelope and other guest pinners via our Pinterest-page.
  • If you want to see more from Naomi, visit her website.