The Tin Can Light

A (literally) bright idea of Hans Groenwold’s, these little lights are made out of beautiful vintage tin cans. And their execution is impeccable.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?

“I am 55 years old and married to Bernadette. After having lived in the center of Amsterdam for many years, we moved to Loenen aan de Vecht three years ago. It’s wonderful. There’s lots of space all around us , while still being close to Amsterdam. I am inspired by people, friends, creativity, originality, light, playfulness and humor. And also by traveling, other cultures, smells and colors. Objects with a story and a history make me happy. I am originally a movie producer and in that role I also try to be as creative as I can be in all aspects. It’s essential, also for your own sense of achievement.”

Why and how did you start making these lamps?

“After our move, we needed new reading lamps ourselves. The lamps we saw in most shops looked rather ‘lifeless’ to us. So we tried to think of something we would like. I have been helping a friend in Greece for years with the renovation of his house. We often use materials other people have thrown away, and that has taught me to look at materials differently. Once the wall lamps had been created, I expanded the range. I make everything myself and also pour the concrete foot into various different shapes myself, for example.”

What do you find most satisfying about this product and about selling it?
“When I am at the market with my stand, I love to see the reactions on peoples faces. It’s fantastic! First they’re puzzled, then surprised. Followed by laughter and a great deal of positive reactions.”