The art of mail

The art of mail package

A nice card or letter can do almost anything: solve issues, right wrongs, make changes or start new things. And contrary to what you might think, handwritten mail is still very much alive: there are lots of initiatives around the world in fact that celebrate the art of sending something in the mail, such as Postcrossing and Envelope Art. That is why we created our ‘The Art of Mail’ package, to inspire you to pick up your pen and send a letter to a close friend, family member, colleague or maybe even a stranger. Who knows what might come of it?

Four products full of paper goodies

The package includes lots of paper goodies that will help and inspire you to create beautiful cards and letters. If you don’t have much time to make your own creations, the Book of Posters & Cards will provide you with ready-made postcards (and more than 50 other paper goodies, such as posters and wrapping paper). The Book for Paper Lovers 4 also includes an array of postcards, writing paper, labels, envelopes and much more, which have been created together with a large team of illustrators from all around the world.

Flow Mix & Match Love and Happiness is a set of 65 paper goodies, with illustrations by Geertje Aalders and Studio Meez. Again with plenty of papers, labels and cards to create those beautiful letters. And when your creation is finished, you can send it in one of the ten Flow envelopes that have been illustrated by Celinda Versluis, who was inspired by vintage French postcards.

As you can see, this package includes enough paper goodies to get you started on creative and personal postcards and letters that will outshine any email or text message.

This package includes:

  • Book of Posters & Cards
  • Book for Paper Lovers 4
  • 10 Illustrated Envelopes
  • Mix & Match Love and Happiness

Total value when sold individually: €50.35
Enjoy a 30% discount when bought as a package: €35.25

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