Studio Meez

A knitted apple cushion, a cycling bear and a lovely warm hat. What more could you possibly want? You’ll find these, plus much more, in the shop belonging to Karolien Van de Gaer.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
“I’m 28 years old and I live with my friend and cat in the centre of Ghent. At the weekends, we’re busy with the renovation of our house, and during the week I busy with Studio Meez. I’m a trained graphic designer, but the thought of sitting behind a desk all day doesn’t really appeal to me that much. I love working with my hands, and often have creative bouts where I immediately have to do something about it. What began as a blog after my studies became a shop and is now my full-time job. When I came across a second-hand knitting machine with wool bobbins, I could not stop myself. Curiosity took over, and it wasn’t long before I was knitting apple cushions.”

How would you describe your work?
“Thanks to my graphic design background, I really love simple, clear forms and I have a weakness for color. Studio Meez stands for authenticity, craft, durability and products made with a lot of love. Everything is made by me, from scratch: from knitting the fabric to sewing the shapes and filling them.”

Which Meez product are you most proud of?
“My first cushion was the apple, and I still find it the nicest. I am always so happy when I see customers’ photos on Instagram. The cushions are everywhere, not only in children’s rooms, but also as comic accents in the living room. The Dots-Stripes hats are also a big favorite. They’re reversible, so you can choose which pattern you want to wear. They are the first design in a luxury line of woolly accessories that will be expanded next winter.”