Stationery love

We love to surround ourselves with beautiful stationery. Because a lovely notebook or a card with a quote on it is like a little stroke of luck and provides us with inspiration. They’re just as nice as writing with a fine pen or filling a book with sticky notes. We prefer to use different notebooks to jot down our thoughts, ideas, lists and notes: one for new ideas and plans, one for work, and one as a diary.

Sissy-Boy. Now there’s a series of stationery products by Flow for Sissy-Boy that caters to those desires. Sissy-Boy is a Dutch brand with more than 40 stores in the Netherlands and Belgium. It’s a concept store that sells clothing, interiors, lifestyle products, food and drink; where you can combine everything to create a style that suits you. Sissy-Boy also sells beautiful stationery, and as of now, that range also includes a series of notebooks and cards that the brand developed together with Flow. And that is something we are rather proud of.

What is it? Each notebook features a back pocket full of paper extras. There are six different notebooks in total: Me and my thoughts; Me and my ideas; Me and my life; Me and my family; Me and my plans; Me and my recipes. Each one comes in a different color and beautiful pattern. And for those who are fans of nice detailing, the notebooks have rounded corners, and their patterns are echoed on the six Flow for Sissy-Boy cards (with envelops). #sissyboy1982

Click here to order the Flow for Sissy-Boy products. The cards cost €2.95 each and notebooks are €10.95 each. Unfortunately the Sissy-Boy products are all sold out.