Stationery from Flow

Tadaaaaaaa! We’re delighted to announce that we’ve got a whole new line of Flow products available in our online shop. Original tote bags, notebooks, notepads, postcards and our very own illustrated wrapping paper. The illustrations are by Bodil Jane and the prints come from Flow Weekly’s art director, Suzanne Nuis. “Suzanne made a pattern using stamps for a past issue of Flow Weekly,” says our creative director Astrid van der Hulst. “So we asked her to create some more for this new stationery series in fresh and cheerful colors. Bodil’s hand lettering has long been a favorite of ours. And it goes so well with Suzanne’s designs.”

The products include:

*Set of 3 tote bags (size 380×420 mm each) € 19,95
*Set of 4 notebooks € 9,95
*Set of 4 notepads €12,95
*Set of 4 postcards in one envelope € 4,95
*4 sheets of double-sided illustrated wrapping paper with 8 labels € 7,95

Flow subscribers get a special discount on these products. Subscribers: when you’re at the checkout in the Flow Shop, click on “Apply Coupon” and use the code “discount flow” to get 20% off (this will be cross checked against our subscriber’s database).