After quite a few detours Fanny Wanders started her little gem of a (web) shop, filled with presents and accessories. These items – and many more – she also sells in her shop in the village of Margraten in Limburg.

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
“I was born in Margraten, South-Limburg, on May 24th 1972 and I am the mother of Oskar (19), Emile (16) and Juulke (10). Oskar and Emile are sons from my previous marriage with a German film director. We used to live in Germany for a while, and I worked as a makeup artist. When he was two, Oskar was diagnosed with Hunter’s disease. Because he could participate in a program for this rare, serious disease in the United States I went and lived there for four years. With my current husband Hans I had a little girl, Juulke, in the US and in the end we all moved back to the Netherlands, to Margraten.”

So why did you start your shop?
“I have always had a thing for art and interiors and I could only dream of one day owning a shop of my own. Until my mum retired and was able to help taking care of my kids. I started working at Sissy Boy (Dutch fashion brand) in Maastricht, until this small property became available in Margraten. It was right across from the statue my, sadly deceased, father Mat Wanders (an artist from Margraten) made! The name Watanders (‘something else’) was derived from my dad’s name and the ‘different’ (‘anders’) stuff I sell. Setting up shop wasn’t difficult at all for me. It started out as a wonderful hobby and it’s like therapy – a counter balance for all the worries I have about Oskar. Which is why it all just flows naturally. But it’s really hard work nonetheless!”

What are your plans for the future?
“I don’t like looking forward too much…  go with the flow! I am grateful for each day we get to enjoy each other and Oskar’s company.”