Land van Li

With the environmentally friendly printed paper goodies from the Land van Li (‘Land of Li’) shop you can get creative yourself. They were all inspired by owner Lisette’s dreams and musings.

What do dreams mean to you exactly?
“To me dreams are the enchantment in the world. At those rare moments that I don’t have an answer to a ‘what-if’ question I feel the world is gray and boring. All day long I come up with fragments of stories and sometimes they develop into a story or a drawing. Later on I will develop them into a design. And because I really love making stuff myself I often come up with something that somebody else can use to make stuff with as well.”

What were the things you thought of before starting your own shop and what have you noticed so far?
“Before I started my own shop I mostly concentrated on my name. I got started with an open mind. I have found that marketing and administration take up a lot of time. It leaves very little time for musing and that’s what I’m all about really. It’s a challenge to find some sort of balance and to keep looking for the magic even in those things.”

Can you tell us a little about yourself? What inspires you for instance?
“At the moment I am working with a musician friend of mine to turn a story I wrote last year into a movie. The story is about a girl and her cat who go on a magical adventure at the bottom of a lake. I find inspiration all over the place. When I’m riding my bike for example. When I look up and I see birds flying I imagine what it would be like if I suddenly sprouted wings. It would be such a jolt to the people behind me! They’d probably fall off their bikes… That’ll make a nice pile of fallen bike riders! I prefer to sit in my attic, dreaming and writing in my own room. Which project or what shape it will take, it will reveal itself eventually. Each day can have its own surprises…”