Twentysomethings Michel and Luuk are college dropouts, but that’s mostly because they already excel at what they’re doing. The one in web design, the other in having a feel for all things artsy and pretty. Together they are Posterjunkies.

What’s so special about a good poster?
Luuk: “Poster is a word lots of people use, but it doesn’t really do justice to the product. We prefer ‘art print’ as we use a sturdy quality of paper. The photographers, illustrators and graphic designers who sell their work through us are incredibly talented. Most of them are artists who have exhibitions and who sell their work for lots of money. Posterjunkies is an ideal base for them to sell their work to a large audience and get their name out there. And as a buyer you get to give your home a personal touch and a sense of luxury in an affordable way.”

Neither of you has a background in art. How did you go about selecting the artists?
“Who are we to say what is art and what isn’t? We just decide what we feel goes with the ‘Posterjunkies vibe’. Apart from that I’ve been involved in art all my life and initially I wanted to be a fine arts teacher. Michel is a web designer so he also has a creative job. Michel and I both really enjoy interior design as well. Creating an atmosphere, making a place into a home.”

What’s your best experience with Posterjunkies?
“Our launch last Saturday, when we really went online! There were loads of artists that we’d never spoken to in real life before. There were almost two hundred guests; there was music, booze and a great DJ. It was wonderful to see many interested people and acquaintances!”