Urbans and Indians

Spending your spare time looking at sturdy, but ugly stuff? It made Mariëlle and Linda sad. Which is how they came up with a web shop filled with great and beautiful glamping (glamourous camping) stuff.

Who are behind this web shop?
“Behind Urbans and Indians canvas are Mariëlle and Linda. Two women who love spending time outdoors with family and friends, getting their toes in the sand and listening to the nightingales. We got to know each other because we fell in love with two brothers. Kids, marriages, close family ties and tent cabins on Camping Bakkum (a campsite near Amsterdam) ensued. As did lots of fun and enthusiasm. When it comes to work we are both very ambitious. We see opportunities, aim high and want to DO so much. That really helps running Urbans and Indians.”

What kind of holiday style do you like best?
“We both grew up camping. Sleeping rough on the beach, sleeping in an umbrella size tent, a tent trailer, an old fashioned caravan, a former ambulance; we’ve done it all. Now that we have kids, we’ve got two big Bell tents for rambles and a tent cabin and a mobile home in Bakkum. And every now and again we grab a backpack and hop on a plane to faraway places. Jungles, mountains, coves, little markets… Just wonderful. Our kids really love wandering through a country as well and get a say in where we go. Our ideal holiday is very versatile. And free.”

What’s your number one camping tip?
“Don’t save your camping stuff for once a year. Change it around! Invest in outside things that are so pretty that you can use them all year round in your home. It saves both time and money!”