Printed Stories

Lisanne David-Busink has a shop full of “printed stories.” The beautiful products she sells there come directly from a wide range of European illustrators.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself?
“I’m 31 years old, and I live in Utrecht with my husband Endre and two children, Maxime and Xavier. We like to spend time in the city, looking for the best shops, cafés and restaurants around. I studied Art and Cultural Studies, and then worked behind-the-scenes in TV and theatre. After that, I was involved with an organization that supported innovation in higher education until the end of 2013. In 2014, I took the step to start freelancing and set up Printed Stories, too.”

What has been the best experience for you, so far, with your store?
“Well, for starters, it’s great that running the shop doesn’t actually feel like ‘work.’  The start-up phase, in particular, was a nice experience; I remember how I had selected the first illustrators and didn’t realise just how fast I would have to be collecting the parcels in order to see their work. Collaborating with illustrators from across Europe is very special indeed, as was the first magazine write-up I got. And I also love it when I get responses and feedback from customers.”

Why a shop with illustrations?
“I came across so many fantastic works by illustrators – online, during city breaks, in magazines, etc – that I wanted to create a place where more people could take pleasure in seeing them. Illustrations tell a story, they convey a feeling; and for every occasion, emotion or even room in your house, there’s an illustration that’s just right. One of my personal favorites is the Polar Bear poster by Miss Malagata, which we have hanging in Xavier’s nursery.”