Palm Tree Necklace


Miriam, aka Jules Bean, made this lovely necklace with a golden palm tree and glass beads. Here, she explains how she makes such a treasure.

What materials do you use to make this?
For the “Palm Tree Island” necklace, I used a gold-plated palm tree, gilded 1mm ball chain, a clasp and turquoise glass beads.

How long does it take you to make such a necklace?
I’m always busy with the creation of a product in my head for a long time first. Definitely longer than it takes to assemble! I collect all kinds of materials, which are sometimes left sitting on my shelf for years. I always look for a certain balance in a product; the main prerequisite being that I would want to wear it myself. Even after years of making jewelry, I do still take products apart and start all over again. Simply because I feel something is missing or because I haven’t quite found the perfect balance.

How did you learn this skill?
Jewelry design was a passion for me when I was a child. As a little girl, I spent hours sitting on my bed after school, cutting and threading wires. I looked at examples and tried to make similar jewelry. But then with my own twist, because the jewelry I was looking at wasn’t quite what I wanted to wear myself.

The “Palm Tree Island” necklace costs €28.50 and has a gilded palm tree as well as colored glass beads. Length: 40cm-42cm,. There are two pieces available in each colorway. Shipping is free within the Netherlands; postage to all European countries costs €3.95 (mailbox size); and international parcels cost €8.95. Available from Jules Bean.

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