New special: Your Keep Calm Daily Craft Book

Your Keep Calm Daily Craft Book

At Flow, we have known for a long time that making something with your own two hands is a great way to turn off the noise in your head. This special, the Your Keep Calm Daily Craft Book, will give you something to create every day for a whole year.

365 drawing, photography and fill-the-blank assignments that you can start any day you like. It just feels great to make something every day, no matter how small and simple it may be – like an oasis of calm in your day. And Deborah van der Schaaf’s wonderful illustrations will help you get started.

Getting started

Examples of those assignments are: listen to a song from the 1950s and write something about it, make an infographic about you, leave a card with a cheerful message or drawing on a public bench and take a photo.

This book will get fatter and fatter, and will start to creak and crunch from all the glue and paint and pasted paper and photos. But don’t worry, that’s the whole idea!

Whatever you do with it is fine. There’s no such thing as a failed assignment. There’s no need to finish the Your Keep Calm Daily Craft Book in one year; you can also make it a long-term plan. And you can start whenever you like.

P.S. We’re really curious about your progress with the Flow Special, so it would be great if you would share your ever-expanding book on social media using the hashtag #myflowcraftbook. Via this hashtag you will also find creations of others.

  • The Your Keep Calm Daily Craft Book is now available in stores and in our webshop.